Bevan 2018 Ontogeny Napa Valley Red Wine

Bevan 2018 Ontogeny Napa Valley Red Wine

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Bottle Size: 750 ml

Quantity Available: 2

(99 JD) Picked as the #1 wine by JD for under $100. We have to go back to the 2013 to find an Ontogeny that is this enthralling. The wine’s pedigree is special: Tench, Sugarloaf, Harbison, Wildfoote, Saunders and Sage Ridge. We didn’t grow a single grape specifically to go into Ontogeny. Instead, we selected barrels from our vineyard designates to produce something enchanting, and this wine shows that we accomplished that. It cascades across your palate with seamless ease. Explosive notes of crème de cassis, lavender and huckleberries give the wine a luxurious fruit component. The mouthfeel is all about controlled power, the tannins come in waves, but they hit with incredible grace.